I know you got a little life in you yet

I know you got a little strength left 

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The only privacy we’ve got left in our lives
is what we don’t say and what we don’t do. That’s really what tells the most about people, it’s not just the thoughts but what we don’t want people to know.
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I get so happy asking friends about college, it’s another little thing that I never thought I’d find so exciting. 

The conversations are real now, they’re not about who’s with who, who’s fighting with who, did you see what they posted, how was the test, what should i study, etc. Listening to whether they like college or not, their work load, new friends they’re making, little life lessons, substantial exchange makes me so happy.

Not seeing these people for weeks, or months can be sad. But when you do see them, it’s a thrill to have an endless conversation about this experimental roller coaster that we’re all on. 

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Where will you be for the revolution? 

I’m already fuckin here 

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just a lil hope 

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I never thought that maintaining eye contact with a person during conversation could be something so rare

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This is legit one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever heard. Just listen to it, folks

I Wonder - Kanye
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under certain circumstances, i really think that pity shouldn’t be an excuse 

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